When in Rome!

One of my new goals with my photography business is to branch out in my blogging. As my husband and I recently returned from a trip to Italy, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share our adventures in each city as it was the ideal place to experiment with our new camera! This blog is all about the first city we explored, and yes, all roads really do lead to Rome! Read more about the things we saw in the captions below, and stay tuned for Florence and Venice in later posts!

The Trevi Fountain has been on my bucket list for years! The fountain is gorgeous and the detail of the sculptures is breathtaking! I did play tourist and threw a coin in, but for the record I did not make a wish. To quote a lesser-known Disney film, "I'm in Rome with my best friend. I'm good." Which was so true!

The Spanish Steps. So beautiful. We were so lucky to have aperitivo (Italian appetizers) at an exclusive rooftop restaurant overlooking this area. Add a glass of white wine to the mix and it was a delightful evening! We also explored the Pantheon which I did not get great photographs of as it was part of a walking tour and I did not bring the right lens for or realize the scope of how HUGE it was! I did snag a neat picture of the alter which was so amazing. Overall an amazing first day (despite a four hour plane delay)!

So I won't lie. It was crazy hot in Rome (and in Florence too) so I did not carry the new camera along for the Colosseum and Roman Forum exploration day. We will be going back in December with my students and the weather should be much more tolerable for hauling the camera. I just couldn't have a thick strap on my neck when it was 98 out and we were doing between 8 and 10 miles of walking a day! Anyway. THIS (which I did have the camera for). This is the view off of the bridge leading to Castel Sant'angelo or Castle of Angels AKA the mausoleum of Haydrian the Roman Emperor. Very ornate castle and unbelievable views of the city which you will see below. The bridge leading to the castle is mounted with gorgeous angel sculptures:

My husband snapped this one at the castle. We find so much joy in adventuring together and when I am happy my eyes get all squinty and I often wrinkle my nose without realizing it. Its not the most flattering of faces, but Sam loves it. He makes me happy so the face gets made a lot!

Some fun details from getting lost in Rome! The city is FULL of graffiti, but I have to say, a lot of it is quite beautiful!

Some final shots of the city. A tandem bike, our view from our lunch table in a picturesque alley, and a musician serenading the streets of Rome. *sigh*. Miss it already!

Until my Florence post,

Ciao! xoxo